Informative and Entertaining Podcasts

At Enchanted Sky Media, we are podcasting professionals.

With extensive experience in TV, radio, film production and content creation, our goal is to provide the best in podcasts that inform (and sometimes, entertain) you.

Currently in production are two podcasts:

Bullying, Life, and Stuff.  In this weekly show, Rhonda Orr explores in more depth the topics covered in her newspaper column, “Dear Rhonda and Dr. Cheri,” which she writes with partner Dr. Cheri L. McDonald, LMFT. The Rhonda Orr Show drops on Tuesdays.

Code 3, the Firefighters’ Podcast, is hosted by Scott Orr. Twice a week – on Monday and Thursday – Scott interviews a key player in the national fire service community on topics that concern firefighters. From chiefs to probies, they’re all talking on Code 3.

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