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Podcasts represent an exciting way to reach a specific and highly-targeted group of consumers.

Our audiences are very narrowly-defined.

Bullying, Life, and Stuff reaches primarily women, 35-54; Code 3 reaches members of the fire service, primarily male.

And research shows that podcasts deliver desirable listeners.


  • When asked if advertising within podcasts had affected their behavior, 71 percent said they’d visited a sponsor’s website, while 62 percent stated that they considered the new product or service. Also, 60 percent stated that they researched more information about the advertiser.
  • About 78 percent agreed (and 21 percent agreed strongly) that their opinion of a company is more positive when they hear it mentioned in one of the podcasts they regularly enjoy.
  • About 72 percent of respondents were at least somewhat receptive to sponsorship messages in the podcasts they regularly enjoy, with five percent indicating that they are generally “interested in them and/or often find them useful.”

-Hawke Media, 2016

Podcasting’s Value Proposition to Advertisers

1. Reach
40% of the US 12+ population – an estimated 112 million – have listened to a podcast. Monthly podcast listenership has been growing steadily as well, with 24% of the population 12+ listening to a podcast in the past month. (Edison Research study: “Podcast Consumer 2017”)

2. Captivated Audience
Podcasts present a valuable opportunity for advertisers, rooted in the “opt-in” nature of the medium. Because podcast listeners actively seek out their content in a way similar to video on demand, the engagement factor is significant. This provides an ideal environment for advertisers who can tap into a growing audience of people who are actively seeking the content they want whenever they want it.

3. Listeners Lean In
Podcasting’s “lean forward” listening experience leads to strong responsiveness. In research conducted by Midroll among listeners to podcasts in their network, 67 percent of respondents could name an actual product feature or specific promotion mentioned in a podcast ad, and 61 percent of listeners indicated that they purchased a product or service they learned about from a podcast ad. A comScore/Wondery study showed that podcast ads create favorable impressions with consumers.

-Interactive Advertising Bureau

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